Collection Services
Cost effective, risk free means
of collecting accounts receivable.

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Carmen V. Porreca, P.C. Law Firm

  • Carmen V. Porreca, P.C. is a law firm comprised of experienced attorneys and trained collection representatives.

  • Mr. Porreca has over 30 years of legal experience practicing in Georgia.  He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and the Cobb County Bar Association.  Carmen V. Porreca, P.C. was established in 2001.  Mr. Porreca prides himself on ethics and integrity in representation of his clients.

  • Patricia A. Miller is a staff attorney with extensive collection experience.  They are active in settlement negotiation, mediation, and arbitration in addition to litigation of disputes.  Their research, discovery, motion filings, and negotiations resolve a majority of cases by agreement prior to trial.

  • Our staff receives ongoing training and evaluation to provide excellent representation of our clients.  We adhere to all FDCPA requirements.  Many members of our collection team are Certified Patient Account Representatives (CPAR) certified by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

  • Our firm is dedicated to the pursuit of professional collections in full compliance with all state and federal laws.  Staff training and experience has provided our clients with exceptional results obtained by respectful and professional conduct by all members of our firm.

Partnering with the law firm of Carmen V. Porreca, P.C.:

  • Encourages a timely payment response
  • Provides a cost effective means of collecting receivables on a contingency basis
  • Allows you to reallocate resources and reduce training costs
  • Provides experienced collections and insurance specialists